Part-time Financial Controller

Do you need a Part-time Financial Controller?

Many small businesses are not able to afford a full-time financial controller or financial director and there is not enough work to keep a full time person busy. Clients typically have turnovers from approximately £300k to £5M.

Small businesses usually have their own bookkeeper to manage the basic finances but find that this is not enough.

A part-time financial controller can provide a one day a week, in-house finance expertise, performing:

Weekly flash update reports on key metrics

Weekly review of sales, debtors ledgers, accounts payable, cashflow

Monthly management accounts and report

Regular Profit and Cashflow forecasts

Financial modeling to optimise pricing and costing

Set up and review Google Adwords campaigns and SEO of website

Review Xero or QuickBooks accounts set up and tune "built in reports"

Recommend process improvements

Review potential for efficiencies and cost savings in all areas of the business

Annual budget planning and coordination

Year end pack preparation for accountants

Can you afford a Part-time Financial Controller?

A full time financial controller would cost an employer between £600 and £700 per day which would include salary, car, employer's NI, pension, holiday, bank holidays, sickness, IT costs, training, rent, telephone etc. This not a problem for £5M+ companies, but is not affordable for the smaller companies.

Smaller companies in the £300k to £5M range do however need access to the same level of expertise, but for only a few days per month - so you just pay for what you need.

High street accountancy firms are generally not able to offer this flexible, cost effective daily, weekly or monthly package.

Existing clients find that the costs are more than covered by profit improvements - they find that they simply can not afford not to have their own part-time financial controller !

Contact Andy Walton today to discus how a part-time Financial Controller could help grow your business.

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